Discover Polychroma

Welcome to Polychroma Records. We stand at the forefront of diverse, genre-bending music, driven by a mission to unearth hidden gems and showcase unique, raw talent. While our first releases are currently brewing, you can anticipate a vibrant collection of music from promising artists across a range of genres. Watch this space for innovative sounds and unexpected blends.

Submit Your Music

Are you an artist looking for a platform to share your talent? Polychroma Records is always eager to hear new voices. Send us your music for a chance to join our roster. Please submit your tracks to, preferably through WeTransfer or Google Drive.

Our Mission

At Polychroma Records, we believe in opportunity and accessibility. Our mission is to provide a launchpad for artists without an existing following, giving them the chance to reach a wider audience. We are committed to enhancing visibility and breaking boundaries, offering creative promotional strategies to illuminate our artists in the crowded music landscape.

Artistic Growth & Collaboration

We aim to do more than just distribute music; we aspire to cultivate artists. We provide a platform for growth and innovation, extending resources that encompass music theory, production assistance, and creative challenges to inspire our roster. Moreover, we foster an environment where collaboration thrives, encouraging our artists to explore genre boundaries and create truly unique sounds.